Chia, also known as Hispanic sage, is a cereal crop of Mexican and Central American origin dating from pre-Hispanic times. Given its importance to the ancient Mexicans, chía was the third most important food only surpassed in popularity and consumption by the corn and beans.

Thanks to its high content of soluble-fiber, consuming chía seeds facilitates intestinal transit acting as a natural laxative, which confers certain properties as protector of diseases such as diverticulosis, constipation and ultimately, cancer of the colon.

Chia seed holds this nutritional composition: 20% vegetable protein, 25% soluble fiber and 40% oil, among other nutrients. In the case of oil, 64% of it is made up of essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6, both commissioned to
help improve our metabolism, at the same time kept at bay our cholesterol and triglycerides, which results in a cardio protective effect. Also, chía seed is rich in B vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese and zinc, and contains very little sodium.


• Mechanical harvesting
• Pre-cleaning
• Densimetric tables
• Cold chamber storage


• Chia seed is an important natural source of Omega 3, which most important effect is to increase good cholesterol levels and lower the bad.
• It prevents the formation of clots and plaques in the arteries, thus preventing cardiovascular disease.
• Has no gluten, which makes it an excellent alternative for celiac.
• It is highly recommended for vegetarians by its completeness protein content, thereby providing all essential amino acids.


Chia and its thereby products offer a wide range of uses:
• Food: Soaked into water to obtain gel, into milk or yogurt, as a topping for fruit salads, mixed into muffings, cakes or biscuits, baked into bread, on energy bars, into gourmet dishes and more.
• Nutraceutic (Dietary supplements): Energy bars, power gels and dietary supplements powders.
• Cosmetic: Into moisturizing body and facial creams.

Product Lifetime

24 months in good storage conditions.

Storage Conditions

At 19° (Max. Temp.) with -50% humidity.

Primary Packaging

Polypropylene bag of 25 KG / 25 LB net weight.


CERES Organic Certificacion.

Chia General Aspects

Chia General Aspects

Chia General Aspects