Agroseller Srl.

Is a bolivian company specialized in the production, trading and logistics of agricultural products for human and animal consumption.
We trade foods with high nutritional value, also known as Superfoods, in the international market, and animal feed products in the bolivian market.
Our product range involves from products in its natural state, also considered as raw material, to processed and finished products ready for retail.  
One of our most important advantages is to count with strategic associations made with independent producers of raw material, agroindustrial corporations and food processing companies, reason why we have access to first quality products, which we offer at competitive prices, adding the main advantage of making easier the purchasing process to our clients.
We guarantee that our independent associated producers get the right price for their products, since we work based on the Fair Trade principles, which are part of our corporate values, helping them to improve their life quality and encouraging a better production of export quality products. So, this way of working have made us strengthen ties of friendship with them, far beyond the commercial relationship.
We have two specialized sales departments into our company: National Sales, to the bolivian market, and International Sales, to the world. Each of them count with professionals who are specialized in their respective areas, providing personalized attention according to the specific requirements of each of our clients.
Within our strategic partnerships with specialized food processing companies, we mainly count with four:

• ORGANIC FARM. Company specialized in organic aimed planting.

• SUPER OILS. Company specialized in the processing of special vegetable oils.

• FLOUR TECHNOLOGY. Company specialized in the processing of special flours.
• ENERGY & POWER. Company specialized in the production of alternative green energy.

Each of these companies was born as a specialized department inside Agroselller, but due to the growth they have had, now they are established as independent companies, however, they work exclusively with us, ensuring that our organic, processed and finished products are top quality and have competitive prices.
Besides these four mentioned companies, we also count with several other agroindustrial corporations that are associated with us, and if the demands of our customers warrant, we are ready to form new temporary strategic associations.
Therefore, the products we offer are high quality, and they are duly certified in case of the organic ones, ensuring that our customers get the products they are looking for, with the characteristics they want.


To efficiently trade grains, flours, oils and finished products to Bolivia and the world, optimizing time in the logistics, seeking new markets, and creating added value for our new developed products, all this focusing on our customers, satisfying their needs with top quality products at the best price, delivered at the right time.


To be the leading company in our field, being trustable, innovative, efficient and accurate in the trading of agroindustrial products for human and animal consumption, concentrating our efforts on creating value to our products, with and intelligent use of our resources, managing to satisfy the needs of our customers with initiative, flexibility and innovation. We have a long-term vision since the relationship with our customers does not end with the sale of a product, but it just begins.


• FOCUS AND PASSION in all our marketing and distribution operations, for both the Bolivian and the international market.
• ACCURACY IN THE USE OF OUR RESOURCES, resulting reflected in the price decrease of the final product for our customers.
• TEAM SYNERGY to direct current operations and new projects, under the premise of maximum precision in all our activities.
• CUSTOMER EMPATHY, providing personalized attention, and always trying to find the best possible price on the market.
• CONTINUOUS SELF-ASSESSMENT and daily improvement to strengthen ourselves and optimize our processes so we can meet today’s competitive markets.


• Highly qualified team
• Own infrastructure
• Technology
• Certifications
• Investigation and development
• Market intelligence
• Level and variety of contacts
• Diversification of products and services


• INFORMATION. We have a large database of independent producers, with the quantities and quality of their available products.
• FLEXIBILITY. Our main goal is to make our customers get what they require with the specifications they need. This is why we offer to accommodate ourselves to our client’s requests, giving to them top quality services and products.
• SPEED. We are known for providing information quickly and timely, but also for having an experienced logistics team, which guarantees our deliveries in the agreed time.
• VERSATILITY. Thanks to our team composed by specialized members with several years of experience and our strategic associations, we can cover services that other companies do not.
Therefore, we can mention the following reasons to work with us:
• We help our customers get the products they need, offering flexibility and innovation in our terms.
• We have strategic associations and agreements made with independent producers and agroindustrial companies.
• Within our product range we not only offer raw materials, but we also offer processed and finished products ready for retail.
• We work based on the Fair Trade terms, ensuring that our independent associated producers get a fair price for their products.
• We offer top quality products.
• We provide all the necessary documentation for our products.
• We guarantee our services and products since we are a legally established company.
We Agroseller are a highly qualified team, with several years of experience in our work field, but always in constant pursuit of development and innovation to satisfy our customers’ requirements the best way possible.


Agroseller has commercial partners throughout all the agricultural and logistics chain, we optimize the times and budgets from the production centers to the processing plants and later to the embarkation ports.
Since the beginning, we have been focused in minimizing expenses and maximizing our associate’s profits.
We have logistics professionals specialized in maximize the quality of service for the benefit of the farmer and the end customer.

Crop advisory:

Through our partner company Organic Farm we carry out production contracts to guarantee of our organic products traceability, covering all the production stages from the land choice, crops, logistics, beneficiation and export.

Pre-seeding contracts:

Agroseller offers both customers and producers pre-seeding contracts, in order to maintain sustainable prices and ensure a transparent and stable market.


• ENERGY & POWER. Company specialized in the production of alternative energy through biomass, minerals separation and concentration, water recovery and development of new technologies.