Grains of the species Phaseolus vulgaris L. whose characteristics are: redwood form, opaque white tegument and medium size. Product processed and packaged according to the current phytosanitary norm.


• Harvesting.
• Pre-cleaning.
• Size clasification.
• Cleaning by Densimetric table.
• Packing


• Support for Memory and Cognition.
• Improves heart health.
• Prevention of Diabetes.
• Help with digestive problems.
• Promotes antioxidant activity


• Traditional cuisine.
• Flour for mixtures to supplements, bakeries.

Product Life Time

24 months in good storage conditions.

Storage Condition

At 19° (Max. Temp.) With -50% humidity.

Primary Packing

Polypropylene bag of 25 KG / 25 LB net weight.

Alubia Bean


Alubia Bean Nutritional composition