The butter of Copoazú or Cupuaçu is a product obtained from the extraction of the pulp and the pressing of the same to obtain it. It is an emollient that gives a pleasant and soft touch to the skin. This lard is a great moisturizer due mainly to its ability to absorb twice its weight in water more than animal lard. This allows the recovery of moisture from the skin, as it acts as a natural skin tissue, forming a protective layer that prevents evaporation of water from the skin, promoting hydration and softness of the skin. Copuazu Manteca is also used in confectionery and the chocolate industry.


• Re-collected
• Pressed
• Refined
• Packing


In the field of cosmetics, copoazu butter behaves as an excellent emollient and lubricant that provides pleasant touch and softness to the skin, which favors the propagation properties of cosmetic formulations. Due to the presence of long chain fatty acids, it promotes superior hydration leaving a silky feel and improving skin elasticity. This lard is an excellent moisturizer thanks to its capacity of water absorption, which enables the recovery of moisture from the skin as it acts on the natural skin tissue forming a protective layer Manufacture of chocolates (replacing cocoa), application in the treatment of the skin to stimulate the healing process, hair product such as creams and lotions, Lipsticks, bath oils, conditioners, hair masks, creamy deodorants, sunscreens among others.


Cosmetic: Copuazu butter has excellent stabilizing or moisturizing properties for the cosmetic industry Gourmet: Copuazu butter is used in bakery and in the chocolate industry because unlike cocoa does not have caffeine.


According to the requirements of our customers.

Useful Life

24 months under good storage conditions.

Storage Conditions

Cool place, without exposure to sunlight, with a temperature lower than 25° C.

Chia General Aspects

Chia General Aspects