Product obtained through freeze drying the Acai fruit.
Acai is the fruit of the Palm Euterpe Oleracea, which grows in the rainforest and wet regions close to the rivers of the Amazon. These trees reach 25 meters tall and are of thin, slightly curved trunk.
For centuries, acai berries have been known and consumed exclusively in the rain forest of South America, becoming an essential nutrient in the diet of the indigenous people of the Amazon, which also employed them as natural medicine for the treatment of skin diseases and to cure digestive ills.
From the study of consumption that indigenous peoples have traditionally made of the Acai, its nutritional and nutraceutical properties have been discovered, which has favored the expansion of consumption of this product in several countries around the world.
These berries are an excellent source of antioxidants, in fact they are considered as one of the fruits with the higher content of antioxidants in the world. Antioxidants are substances that protect our cells from free radicals, helping to prevent many types of cancer and delaying aging.


• Selection of berries
• Pulping
• Freeze drying
• Packaging


• Slows down cellular ageing.
• It increases energy and resistance.
• It strengthens the immune system.
• It strengthens the nervous system.
• Protects against stress and anxiety.
• It prevents different types of cancer.
• Improve the circulatory system.
• They stimulate the detoxification of the body.
• It promotes the health of the skin.
• It improves desire and sexual performance.


• Capsules containing 100% natural antioxidants.
• Component for the development of nutritional products.
• Ingredient for nutraceutical smoothies.

General Characteristics

• 100% pure lyophilized fruit.
• Less than 2% of moisture.
• No added sugar.
• Gluten-Free.
• 100 g of freeze-dried Acai equals 1850 g of fresh fruit.


Tri-laminated BIOPP bags with internal line of aluminum.

Useful Life

2 years under good storage conditions.

Storage Conditions

Keep in its original packaging (Tri-laminated foil pouch), at a cool place free from direct sunlight.

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